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1.2.5 Update released

This update contains the following bugfixes and additions:

  • Menubar doesn’t show revenue anymore if ‘Show revenue’ is activated
  • Export remembers export file type
  • New option: Export non billable tasks
  • Statistics remembers last date range
  • Convert tasks to subtasks and vice versa
  • new AppleScript command: GetTaskRecords
  • Grand Total Integration, create bills from time records with no effort

1.1 Update released

The 1.1 update has been released. The iPhone app now has Apple Watch support, finally! See the full changelog below:

  • new CSV for Excel export
  • AppleScript updates: Start / Stop tracker, List active tracker
  • Fixed AppleScript completed flag for tasks
  • JSON multiline bugfix
  • Scrolling issues fixed when scrollbars are shown always
  • Sorting by due date fixed
  • Fixed time budget left when complete tasks are hidden
  • New shortcut for subtasks
  • Fixed Function keys as hotkeys
  • Various UI/UX fixes
  • Fixed a rare crash with the note popup and multiple monitors

Tyme 2

Hey there, it’s been a while since we’ve posted some news. We are pretty busy working on a major new version of Tyme: Tyme 2. We’ve collected your feedback over the last two years and made many improvements and added wonderful new features, while keeping the simplicity of Tyme. Stay tuned, Tyme 2 will be there soon.