February 18, 2018

iOS Trial & Purchase Options

With the latest update 2018.1 and the release of Team Tyme, we took the opportunity to make it easier for everyone to try Tyme before buying. For macOS we already had a free trial that you could download via our website, but the upgrade process to the full version via the Mac App Store was not very elegant and users were often confused how they migrate their data. For iOS this was not even possible until today.

That’s why Tyme is now available on all platforms as a free download. When you start the app, you have four options:

  • Try Tyme for free for 2 weeks
  • Purchase the single user version
  • Subscribe to Team Tyme
  • Login into an existing team

When the trial expires and you didn’t purchase Tyme or are member of a team, Tyme runs in a read-only mode. So you still have access to your data and can view and export it, but you are not able to create new projects or time entries.