Team Tyme - First Steps

Welcome to Team Tyme. You’ve just activated your account.
So let’s get started with setting up your team:

1. Add Team Members

Click on the “Team” icon and select “Manage my Team” in the following dialog.

Click “New Member”, fill out the details and set the role for the new member.
A regular member can only see projects & tasks that are assigned to him, while admins have access to all projects & tasks. Additionally regular members don’t see planned budgets or hourly rates, just their own booked times.

After clicking “Done”, the new team member will receive an e-mail with an activation link.

Each invited member has to check his inbox and click on the activation link in the Team Tyme e-mail to activate his account.

2. Share Projects with your Team

By default every project is a personal project that is only visible to the person who created the project.

If you want to make this project available to your team, check the “Team Project” checkbox in the “Edit” dialog of a project (by clicking the “Edit” button).

3. Assign Projects & Tasks

Open the “Manage My Team” dialog again. Now that you have shared some projects with your team, you can assign the projects and tasks to each team member.

Administrators see all shared projects and tasks and have full access to them. Regular users only see the assigned ones and can't make any changes to them. As an Administrator you can set a filter in Tyme to only show your assigned projects & tasks.

Regular users are not allowed to make changes to projects and tasks, but they can add subtasks to their assigned tasks if they want to specify their work more precisely.

For example, if a task is “Development” or “Art Direction”, team members working on the task can add subtasks such as “Implement Homepage” or “Create Wireframes” to further specify the task.

4. Let’s go.

You’re done setting up your team. Now simply press the “Play”button on the task you want to work on.

Happy time tracking!