A time tracking app that‘s simple, good looking and easy to use.

Time Tracking Anywhere You Are

Tyme helps with your time management by keeping your project times and work statistics synchronized on your Mac, iPhone, iPad and Watch.

For Teams and Individuals

You want to keep track of your own working times or the working times of a whole team? Use the single user Tyme version as a freelancer, independent, entrepreneur or student. The team version of Tyme is a perfect fit if you are working together on a project as a group of freelancers or specialists. It also works as an employee time tracker for an agency or company. Tyme allows collective time tracking on projects and tasks and you always have an overview of your project budgets and your teams workload.

All Projects at a Glance

The project list shows all your current projects and tasks. It gives a quick overview of the times you’ve worked, your budgets and deadlines. This is also the place where you run a timer while you work.

Productivity Statistics

Use the statistics to monitor your workload, your working times, how often you take a break and what your average day looks like. The statistics also offer a forecast of your workload for the next weeks.

Display Times in Your Calendar

Recorded times can be synced to your calendar, if you aim for a complete overview of all events of your business day.

Timesheet Export

Create timesheets in different formats, such as PDF, CSV or JSON. Use AppleScript to connect to the workflows of other applications.

Easy Access & Autostart

Control Tyme directly from the menubar. Start timers via hotkeys and add notes to your time entries at any time. You can also set Tyme to start automatically on system startup.

Be Reminded

You forgot to start a timer? It's the middle of the night and the timer is still running? Is there a close deadline or are you about to exceed your budget? Tyme points this out to you. Tyme also learns your working hours and reminds you to start or stop your timers.

Clock In and Out Based On Your Location

No need to manually start or stop a timer; it can be done automatically with geofencing.

Team Tyme – Leaders 
& Members

Team Tyme distinguishes between two different roles: team leaders and team members. Leaders can assign projects and tasks individually to each member. They have the option of planning budgets and hourly rates. members get all their relevant projects and tasks listed. If wanted, a member can add their own sub-tasks to define their work more precisely.

Team & Members Workload Chart

Team leaders get a live overview of their teams booked hours and their remaining budget. They gain insight into the teams workload and working hours with detailed statistics. All team data can be exported as timesheets.

Run a Timer on Your Watch

Forgot to launch a timer? Stuck in a meeting? Already on the run out of the office? You can easily start or stop a timer on your Watch while you’re in the middle of something completely different. Tyme additionally displays the start and stop reminders on your timepiece. Keep an eye on your daily hours using the Tyme complication.

Record Your Mileage Costs

Besides tracking hours and expenses, Tyme can also automatically record your business trips or mileage costs. Simply select „mileage tracking“ as the type of task.

Write Invoices With The „GrandTotal“ Plugin

Tyme offers a sync to the app GrandTotal so you can create invoices directly from your recorded times.

Light or Dark?

Even if we do, you don't like a dark app? Tyme is available in the standard black mode, but for light lovers - also in a white background version. You can switch colors in the settings menu.

… And Many More Features

  • Search, filter and archive functions
  • Multiple parallel timers possible
  • Choose between hours and revenue view
  • Billable and non billable tasks
  • Keyboard control
  • Global hotkeys for main actions
  • CSV data import options
  • Siri Shortcuts