November 24, 2021

Start your day prepared

You know it: The first meeting is already on, the deadline is too tight and a missed doctor's appointment - that's how the last week went? Tyme can help you take a relaxed approach to your day.

Morning at 08:00, Siri: "Good morning darling, it's 15 degrees and sunny today. You have three appointments. The first is "lunch walk" at 12:30, you don't have a deadline this week."

That would be top? The Daily Kick-Off shortcut in our shortcut gallery announces the weather, your appointments today, and upcoming Tyme deadlines.

And to make sure running the shortcut on your Mac doesn't become another To Do on your long list, we've created an app for that - Shortery does it for you automatically!

When you add a shortcut to the Shortery app, it will automatically run when a specific event occurs, such as a time, launching an app, logging in and out of your Mac, and more.

Have fun trying it out, Shortery is free!

November 02, 2021

Shortcuts - Try it yourself!

Apple brought the Shortcuts app to the Mac with macOS Monterey and we created an integration with Tyme! So now you can run shortcuts seamlessly across all your macOS and iOS devices.

Shortcuts are a thing for life hackers and a bit nerdy, but a great way to get the most out of Tyme and optimize your workflow.

To get you started, we've built a few useful shortcuts for you to download, try out and customize. 👉🏼 Check out our Shortcuts Gallery.

October 25, 2021

Shortcut Triggers

We already showed you how you can utilize Tyme's shortcut capabilities to create connections between Tyme and other applications. With the latest release, Tyme for Mac not only offers all shortcuts that are already available for the iOS app, but additional Shortcut Triggers.

With the Shortcut Triggers in Tyme, you can execute any shortcut in the Shortcuts app.

These triggers are available in Tyme:

  • Started a timer
  • Stopped a timer
  • Reached daily working hours
  • Project archived / un-archived
  • Task completed / uncompleted

For example, you can set Do Not Disturb Mode to activate automatically when you start a timer:

Another trigger could mark a reminder as completed as soon as you complete a task in Tyme or write an email with a summary of that task. There are so many new posibilites to explore.

And as always, if you have a great idea for other actions or things that you feel are missing: Say hello.

August 26, 2021


With the upcoming release of macOS Monterey this fall, the Shortcuts app will finally be available for macOS. If you don't know what Shortcuts are or what you can do with them, you might want to have a look at the Shortcuts User Guide from Apple.

Shortcuts enable you to query data from almost any app, transform it, trigger system actions, call webservices or pass the data on to other apps.

Tyme will offer various Shortcut actions on macOS and iOS: You'll be able to create, edit or delete categories, projects, tasks or time entries. Start timers, retrieve your worked hours or add notes to the active timer.

For example, you can have a task created in Tyme right from each new reminder you create in the Reminders app.

We are so excited what you will be able to build with it…

March 01, 2021

Recent Updates

At the end of last year we've had big visual updates for iOS 14 (Widgets!) and macOS Big Sur. We hope you really like the updated look under Big Sur as much as we do. The updates we've released this year so far are not that visually compelling, but a lot has changed and is optimized under the hood. We've been focusing on stability improvements and adding small little improvements here and there. There are now a lot more hints for team users when tasks are not assigned or projects are not shared with the team. Entire categories including all projects can be archived with one click now. The task search dropdown is now 10x faster when you have a large number of active tasks. There is a new hotkey that lets you edit or add a time entry without switching to Tyme. You can now import all your data from toggl. There is a new button in the task selection view: Select all/none. While this sounds boring, it really is handy, if you want to export everything, except of this one project. And a lot more …

As always: If you're missing something in Tyme or found an issue, drop us a mail: Stay healthy!