August 26, 2021


With the upcoming release of macOS Monterey this fall, Shortcuts will finally be available for macOS. If you don't know what Shortcuts are or what you can do with it, you might want to have a look at the Shortcuts User Guide from Apple. In short: Shortcuts enables you to query data from almost any Mac (or iOS) app, transform it, trigger system actions, call webservices or pass the data on to other apps.

Tyme will support various Shortcut actions on macOS and iOS this fall: You'll be able to create, edit or delete categories, projects, tasks or time entries. Start timers, get your worked hours or add notes to the active timer.

Below is a simple example, that gets all new reminders from the Reminders app and creates a task for it, when it does not exist. We are so excited what you will be able to build with it…

March 01, 2021

Recent Updates

At the end of last year we've had big visual updates for iOS 14 (Widgets!) and macOS Big Sur. We hope you really like the updated look under Big Sur as much as we do. The updates we've released this year so far are not that visually compelling, but a lot has changed and is optimized under the hood. We've been focusing on stability improvements and adding small little improvements here and there. There are now a lot more hints for team users when tasks are not assigned or projects are not shared with the team. Entire categories including all projects can be archived with one click now. The task search dropdown is now 10x faster when you have a large number of active tasks. There is a new hotkey that lets you edit or add a time entry without switching to Tyme. You can now import all your data from toggl. There is a new button in the task selection view: Select all/none. While this sounds boring, it really is handy, if you want to export everything, except of this one project. And a lot more …

As always: If you're missing something in Tyme or found an issue, drop us a mail: Stay healthy!

November 16, 2020

macOS Big Sur Update

Tyme has been fully updated for macOS 11 Big Sur. Besides the obligatory widgets for the notification center, we've added mini-statistics in Tyme's toolbar. You can instantly see how many open project & tasks you have or what's missing when looking at your time entries. Update Tyme to version 2020.26 to enjoy the fresh look.

September 18, 2020

Widgets, Widgets, Widgets!

With the public release of iOS 14, Tyme offers some new and shiny widgets for your home screen. Using the widgets, you always have an overview when you started working or when it's time to call it a day. See your detailed workload during the week or the entire month. And yet the widgets are simply beautiful:

July 09, 2020

iOS 14 Widgets

We're experimenting with the new home screen widgets that will be available this fall in iOS 14 (and macOS Big Sur). Widgets are a perfect fit for Tyme. Using a widget you'll instantly have an overview over your day or if a timer is still running. Right on your home screen.

We're currently working on these two types of widgets:

Today Widget: The today widget displays the running timer, your daily total, when you've started working and when it's time to call it a day. It also has a larger mode, where you can see your week and how many hours you've worked.

Month Widget: The month widget is kind of a calendar, where you can see your workload over the entire month. When did you work overtime? How many hours do you accumulated over the month? Using the month widget you always know.

Do you have an idea for a widget? What would you like to see on your homescreen? Drop us a mail: