Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hide completed tasks?

  • On your Mac right click a project, then select “Archive completed tasks”.
  • On your iPhone swipe a project to the left, press the gear icon and select “Archive completed tasks”.

How can I switch to the weekly / annual view?

  • On your Mac click the time frame text (e.g. January 2016) in the top left corner.
  • On your iPhone open the options menu by pressing the “slider control” icon in the top right corner.

Displayed durations of recorded times seem to be wrong.

If you think the recorded durations are wrong, please check the rounding settings for the task.
If you set the rounding for example to 15 minutes, time will display only rounded times and not the exact tracked duration.

How do I set up location based tracking on my iPhone (Geofencing)?

Open the edit dialog for the task you want to activate Geofencing, scroll down to the Geofencing section and activate the checkbox. Enter the location by street name or by dragging the map.
If geofence tasks don’t work properly, enlarge the radius of your location. The GPS signal might be bad in this area.

Tyme tells me to update the app, but I don’t know how to update.

Please open the Mac App Store and click on the ‘Updates’ tab. If you’re not logged in, log in first. You should see a newer version of Tyme there, click on ‘Update’. You can turn on automatic updates in the Mac App Store preferences.

If you don't see a newer version, please log out of the Mac App Store, restart your Mac and log back in.

Tyme is damaged and can’t be opened. What now?

In rare cases it can happen, that Tyme can’t launch after downloading it from the Mac App Store. Since the purchases and downloads are managed by Apple, we cannot directly fix this, but here are some steps make it work again:

Delete the app from your Mac via the Launchpad app. In the Launchpad, click and hold on the app icon, then click the ‘X’ icon. Log out of the Mac App Store (Store > Sign Out) Restart your Mac Open the Mac App Store, Log in again and go to your purchases tab. Install Tyme. If you’re still encountering issues, please contact Apple directly.

The cloud sync doesn’t seem to work, what can I do?

Please double check, that:

  • You have the latest version of Tyme 2 installed on all devices
  • You’re using the same iCloud account on all devices
  • You’re logged in and “iCloud Drive” is enabled for Tyme 2
  • No Firewall / App is blocking Tyme’s network traffic (Little Snitch, etc.).
  • You didn’t exceed your quota

The initial sync can take some time. Please check the sync status in the settings panel. If the status is “Waiting for Cloud…” or “Syncing…” please be patient.

If everything seems to be ok, but the sync still doesn’t work: Please reboot your Mac and / or iPhone. This can trigger iCloud to sync again.

Still having issues? Please check the iCloud system status.

If you think the sync is stuck, you can reset Tyme’s cloud data: Turn the sync off in Tyme 2 on your iOS devices. On your Mac, open Tyme’s Menubar and hold the ALT key, then select “Reset cloud sync…”. You’ll be asked if you want to delete Tyme’s cloud data. Hit ok, then reboot your Mac. Launch Tyme again and turn the sync back on. Wait for the sync to finish before starting Tyme on other devices.

I need to restore my data from time machine, where are the files?

In case you need to restore your projects and recorded times from a time machine backup:

If you are using the cloud sync you need to delete Tyme’s cloud data first: Delete Tyme from your iOS devices. On your Mac, go to Tyme’s settings > Sync. On your Mac, open Tyme’s menubar and hold the ALT key, then select “Reset cloud sync…”. You’ll asked if you want to delete Tyme’s cloud data. Hit ok.

Open the following folder using the Finder (Go to > Go to folder) “~/Library/Containers/de.lgerckens.Tyme2/Data/Library/Application Support/” and open Time Machine to restore these files:, and

How does the team subscription work?

If you want to continue using Team Tyme after you’ve done trialling, a team admin has to activate the subscription using his Mac App Store (iTunes) account. Open the license screen in Tyme (Tyme 2 > Manage License …) and choose the amount of users your team needs. Tyme on all available platforms (Mac & iOS) is included in the subscription for all team members.

How can I delete my team?

If you don’t want to use Team Tyme anymore and want your data deleted from our servers, please follow the instructions after clicking this link. Note that you have to cancel your subscription in iTunes after deleting your team.

How do I cancel / manage my Team Tyme subscription?

You can change your subscription for Team Tyme directly in the app. Open Tyme’s preferences and choose “Tyme License”. If you want to cancel your subscription, please go to Manage Subscriptions in your iTunes account.

The activity indicator spins forever

It can happen, that the activity indicator spins forever after making a purchase via Touch ID on a Macbook Pro. In this case you need to disable Touch ID for the Mac App Store. This is a bug related to Touch ID and In-App-Purchases on macOS.

Please open the System Preferences > Touch ID Preferences, then disable iTunes & App Store and reboot your Mac.

SKErrorDomain error 4 during a purchase

This error means, that you’ve disabled In-App-Purchases on your iPhone. Please go to the Preferences > General > Restrictions > In App Purchases and re-enable them.

Tyme can’t verify my license

If you get this error message, it’s very likely that a firewall is blocking Tyme’s internet traffic. Please make sure that downloaded and signed applications are allowed to make connections in your System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall. If you’re running tools like Little Snitch, please allow Tyme’s traffic in it’s preferences.

My purchase is not recognised by Tyme

The purchase (Single user or subscription) is bound to your Apple ID and is stored locally on your Mac. Please make sure you have downloaded Tyme with the same Apple ID for which you have made the purchase. If you’re having issues, please log out of the Mac App Store, reboot your Mac, then open Tyme > Manage License and hit “Restore purchase”.

"Account Not In This Store" error message

This message appears when you are currently in a different country than the country of your App Store account. Luckily, you can fix this with one simple command:

  • Launch the Terminal: Open Spotlight (CMD + Space) and type "terminal", hit return
  • Copy and paste the following text into Terminal and confirm it with return: "defaults delete"
  • Retry the purchase

"Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed" error message

If you see this message during a purchase: Please check if you have In-App-Purchases disabled for your Apple-ID. You can turn them back on on your iPhones preferences > Screen Time > Restrictions > iTunes & App Store > In-App Purchases.

If that doesn't solve your issue, please get in contact with Apple at: In general their support is quick. If you need an extension of your trial while you wait for Apple to fix this, please get in contact with us.