March 11, 2020

Tyme 3 Released

We have just released the successor of Tyme 2, Tyme 3, after 9 months of development. Besides a completely revised UI, which emphasizes effective and fast handling, there are many new features:

  • Expense-Groups
  • Notes for projects & tasks
  • Configurable PDF export with live preview
  • New, more detailed statistics
  • Team Administration for iOS
  • New Watch App that works independently of the iPhone
  • and much more...

A detailed overview of the features can be found here.

A discount is available for all owners of Tyme 2:

  • If you bought Tyme 2 (Mac) in 2019 or later you will get a full free year for your Tyme 3 subscription.
  • If you purchased Tyme 2 (Mac) in 2018 or earlier you will get free six month for your Tyme 3 subscription.
  • You have a team that's using Tyme 2? Just switch to Tyme 3, your existing subscription will be valid for Tyme 3.

In order to receive your discount you just need to have Tyme 2 installed and unlocked. Be sure, that you've opened the license screen at least once. If you do not see the discount in Tyme 3, please press "Restore Purchase" again in the license dialog of Tyme 2.