March 22, 2020

Update 2020.3/4

  • Added a new option to filter for Task & Sub-tasks in the statistics
  • Fixed running timer refresh in projects & time entries
  • Fixed workload percentage display
  • Added warning for full iCloud storage
  • Fixed a funny textfield bug in macOS 10.13
  • Increased contrast for cells in dark mode
  • Increased contrast for the recording button in light mode
  • Removed existing expenses from the expense group selection
  • Added total revenue for the date cell in the time entries screen
  • Updated warning icons
  • Fixed CMD + N for new time entry
  • Added grandtotal row when combining multiple projects into one PDF
  • Exposed sub-tasks in export, when grouping by tasks
  • Added search bar to iOS project & task selection
  • Added date, start_time, end_time to CSV export
  • Added optional task sums to PDF
  • Added "show times" shortcut to project view