May 03, 2022

Update 2022.6


  • Non-working entries can now be less than a day. Half-day vacations or hourly absense times are possible now
  • Categories can now have colors. It should be a lot easier now to identify categories in the statistics


  • Made some improvements in the team sync
  • Fixed a rare crash in the time entries screen
  • Fixed an issue where the first bar of the chart in the project report PDF was not drawn

April 04, 2022

Update 2022.5


  • The timesheet PDF shows the calendar week now
  • Fixed some rendering issues in the project report
  • Auto login for team users after activating
  • Lots of UI tweaks under the hood

February 02, 2022

Update 2022.1

New PDF Export

We've rewritten the PDF exporter and made it much more flexible. As a first new type of PDFs, there is now a Project Report. The Project Report gives you a detailed overview of a projects spent time, revenue and budget.

As always, if you have an idea or a suggestion, drop us an email.

Other Tweaks

  • The charts now shows where a new year or month starts, if the displayed date range is very large
  • When restoring from a backup, you can now choose between merging and replacing your database
  • The sync should be a bit faster and using less resources now


  • The custom date range is now persisted between app starts
  • Dropdown keyboard navigation now works as expected
  • Fixed a possible crash in the Timings importer

November 30, 2021

Update 2021.19/21

New Features

  • Tasks and subtasks now adopt the hourly rate of the project when it is changed. This can be overwritten in the task.
  • Mileage tasks and expenses can now have a planned budget


  • Tweaked little things in the light / dark mode
  • Fixed an issue that could occur, when fetching data in the background

If you are happy with Tyme, please leave a review or give a rating. This way you can support us indie developers. Thank you!

November 22, 2021

Update 2021.17/18


  • Fixed a crash for negative expenses
  • Fixed another crash, that could occur while calculating reminder notifications
  • Made sure, that old events in the calendar are deleted, if you switch to a new calendar
  • Fixed chart flickering while reloading
  • Fixed a crash on macOS Mojave