June 17, 2022

Update 2022.11


With this update it is finally possible to write or use plugins for Tyme. Using plugins you can export data from Tyme in any form or feed Tyme with data from other sources. The list of plugins is constantly being expanded and improved. Just have a look at Tyme > Settings > Plugins. If you have an idea for a plugin or want to develop one yourself, check out the Tyme Plugins page and let us know.


  • Statistics fix for tasks with planned times and due date set in the project
  • Drag & drop for iOS is now always active when custom sorting is enabled. Just press, hold and start dragging
  • Single day vacation display in the statistics has been fixed
  • Duplication of older calendar events has been fixed
  • Lots of smaller improvements

May 30, 2022

Update 2022.10


  • Missing Times are now hidden, when certain filters are active
  • New selectable column for the PDF timesheet: "Categories"
  • Notes in the timesheet PDF are now separated by line breaks
  • Fixed wrong vacation display in the statistics when the vacation ends in another month
  • Performance improvements for large databases

Sneak peek at the next version

Time tracking is an important part of the workflow. Hours need to be recorded correctly for projects and tasks, invoices need to be created from the recorded times or the data needs to be transferred to other programs.

That's why we are happy to announce that Tyme will support plugins that allow data flows into or out of Tyme starting with the next release.

For the start we will provide some plugins and also plan to integrate new ones on a regular basis. As always, suggestions and ideas are welcome.

For those interested in the technology, there is already documentation (still under construction) for the plugins: https://github.com/tyme-app/plugins.

May 03, 2022

Update 2022.6


  • Non-working entries can now be less than a day. Half-day vacations or hourly absense times are possible now
  • Categories can now have colors. It should be a lot easier now to identify categories in the statistics


  • Made some improvements in the team sync
  • Fixed a rare crash in the time entries screen
  • Fixed an issue where the first bar of the chart in the project report PDF was not drawn

April 04, 2022

Update 2022.5


  • The timesheet PDF shows the calendar week now
  • Fixed some rendering issues in the project report
  • Auto login for team users after activating
  • Lots of UI tweaks under the hood

February 02, 2022

Update 2022.1

New PDF Export

We've rewritten the PDF exporter and made it much more flexible. As a first new type of PDFs, there is now a Project Report. The Project Report gives you a detailed overview of a projects spent time, revenue and budget.

As always, if you have an idea or a suggestion, drop us an email.

Other Tweaks

  • The charts now shows where a new year or month starts, if the displayed date range is very large
  • When restoring from a backup, you can now choose between merging and replacing your database
  • The sync should be a bit faster and using less resources now


  • The custom date range is now persisted between app starts
  • Dropdown keyboard navigation now works as expected
  • Fixed a possible crash in the Timings importer

November 30, 2021

Update 2021.19/21

New Features

  • Tasks and subtasks now adopt the hourly rate of the project when it is changed. This can be overwritten in the task.
  • Mileage tasks and expenses can now have a planned budget


  • Tweaked little things in the light / dark mode
  • Fixed an issue that could occur, when fetching data in the background

If you are happy with Tyme, please leave a review or give a rating. This way you can support us indie developers. Thank you!

November 22, 2021

Update 2021.17/18


  • Fixed a crash for negative expenses
  • Fixed another crash, that could occur while calculating reminder notifications
  • Made sure, that old events in the calendar are deleted, if you switch to a new calendar
  • Fixed chart flickering while reloading
  • Fixed a crash on macOS Mojave

October 25, 2021

Update 2021.16


Tyme now offers over 20 different actions for the Shortcuts app on macOS and iOS. Fully automate creating tasks, completing projects or exporting time tracking data using shortcuts.

Additionally, Tyme for Mac offers five different Shortcut triggers (Preferences > Integrations > Shortcut Triggers), that can launch a Shortcut when, for example, a timer is started or a task is completed.

Have a look at the documentation: Automating Tyme with Shortcuts and the examples in our blog.


  • Fixed a crash in the time entries screen that occured for some users
  • Fixed importing of fixed rate tasks from a Timings dataset
  • Optimized calendar sync for large datasets

September 22, 2021

Update 2021.14/15


  • All menus in the iOS app have been re-worked and are using popover-menus now
  • iOS: Drag & drop in the project screen now has a dedicated drag & drop mode
  • Simplification of the settings menus in the project, time entries and statistics screen
  • Added user filter to AppleScript time entries


  • Fixed an issue where a new timer for a team project would not sync correctly from the watch
  • When filtering for assigned tasks: All lists and the statistics take that setting into account now

September 17, 2021

Update 2021.13


Tyme now offers over 20 different actions for the Shortcuts app on iOS. Fully automate creating tasks, completing projects or exporting time tracking data using shortcuts.

🎁 The same shortcuts will be available for the Mac app as soon as macOS 12 Monterey is released.

Additional changes

  • New menu shortcut for Show Times
  • New menu shortcut for Add Time Entry
  • The watch app now displays categories
  • Added a dedicated settings screen for the watch app
  • Fixed a sync bug where a deleted time entry would not sync in rare cases